VaultCraft SDK

Build custom, automated DeFi strategies and deploy them in minutes

What is VaultCraft?

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VaultCraft is an on-chain, permissionless protocol where anyone can spin up a vault — an automated asset strategy that optimizes returns on user-deposited funds. This is the first open infrastructure allowing for the modularization of vaults using a protocol-endorsed VaultFactory that ensures the safety of the strategy and its contracts. Vaults can interact with a variety of protocols through the ERC4626-Wrapper and are also stackable in design, meaning you can stack on top of other vaults.


  • On-chain
  • Decentralized
  • Permissionless
  • Non-Custodial
  • Audited by Code4rena, BlockSec, and 0xRuhum
  • Bounties on Immunefi
  • Medium Announcement: VaultCraft by Popcorn
VaultCraft provides specialized module functionality for trading, leveraging, staking, and more. The protocol dramatically reduces the required capital and time to market for any B2B enterprise looking to quickly expand its DeFi offering and allows anyone with little coding knowledge to mix and match both protocols and strategies to create sophisticated DeFi products within just a few clicks.

Why did we build VaultCraft?

The protocol will serve as the on-chain infrastructure providing modular tooling for both B2B enterprises and retail to easily create automated yield-generating asset strategies. Not only will the protocol allow Popcorn to dramatically scale up its product offering and create more revenue streams for both PopcornDAO and funding public goods, but it will also serve as DeFi’s AWS equivalent offering scalable solutions for new protocols. Popcorn will do for the yield space what Uniswap did for AMMs.
VaultCraft is used to create all of Popcorn's vault strategies
Customize your own vault